IBM(tm) penguin image bleg

(bleg, not lazyweb, because I’ve looked high and low and still can’t find what I need for this project.)

I’m looking for a high-res (ideally vector-AI/EPS/SVG) version of the old IBM penguin:

I promise it will be used for good and not for evil; I just want to print one copy, albeit in a fairly unusual way.

Thanks in advance…
(Yes, I’ve tried tracing this one, which was the best I could find (cropped out of a screenshot of a flash app), and no, it came out unacceptably poorly.)

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  2. Aron: Way better than a cake. ;) I will document it once I’ve done it, I just don’t want to spoil the surprise :)

    Benjamin: FWIW, the swf I used was here:

    The version of swfdec I have installed doesn’t seem to have a CLI interface, so I wasn’t sure how to poke at it that way.

    [And thanks to everyone who has responded; I still would not object to more tracings or particularly an official one if there are any kindly IBM readers lurking ;)

  3. FWIW, inkscape (which is based on potrace) didn’t work well for me, though it did for others. I’ve got several great samples now; thanks.

  4. Jean-Baptiste: I have a huge poster of it in my bedroom (which used to hang in my office when I have one) but analog objects are cumbersome to trace into SVG. ;)

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