still not forgotten.

Not much to add to what I said last year.

I interviewed a couple weeks ago at a firm whose lobby overlooks the hole, and had some time to ponder it. The site is still powerful emotionally, even six years later, and I think it’ll always be emotional to some extent or another- as it should be. But I’m glad to see some leaders trying to make us look to the future again, even here in NYC, where it is so tempting (and so easy) to focus on the mourning and the pain and the past.

4 thoughts on “still not forgotten.”

  1. If you interviewed at Cleary (whose offices do overlook the hole), I hope you talked to Greg Pomerantz. In fact, I hope you talk to Greg Pomerantz anyway.

  2. It was not Cleary; they didn’t like me enough to call me back, oddly. I will, however, be having breakfast with Greg on Friday anyway.

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