Simon Phipps and Moonlight give me an excuse to post a cool picture

About 10 minutes after I posted yesterday, I found a great picture that I wanted to use to illustrate the post, but I’d already posted and I was lazy. Thankfully, today Simon Phipps gave me a great excuse to post the image anyway. Simon says:

[Miguel is] the lure for someone else’s trap.

The image I wanted to post was this one:

Sky Strike, under NC-ND

Sky Strike” by Damgaard; used under the CC-NC-ND license.

Remember kids, the copyright license says ‘you can use it without restrictions…’ but the patent license says ‘… as long as you get it from Novell.‘ If you or your company can live with that sort of uncertainty, or can use other legal techniques to mitigate that uncertainty, use Moonlight; if you can’t, well, you consult your local legal counsel.