stone barns with green market

To wrap up what has really been a stunning weekend Krissa and I went to have a cookout at a Green Market co-worker’s house. This co-worker happens to live right behind Stone Barns, a big (new-ish) farm-focused educational center with a fairly swanky food concession. I had a great time- lots of cool Green Market people who I’d heard a lot about but not been able to meet before, and a beautiful day to get out into the country a bit.

Ate like a king (despite the lack of ‘meat’ at the supposed bbq ;)- when you work with a bunch of people who are obsessed about food, it turns out that the company parties feed you very, very well. I’m still bursting.

This is beautiful farm country that feels like a world away despite being about 50 minutes from my front door. If you’re in New York, and have a chance before the weather turns, you owe it to yourself to spend a day out there. More pictures here.

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