the obvious question

Is this the n900, or Yet Another Nokia Product Line?

[Relatedly: the more I play with other people’s iphones, the more every n800 dialog which is optimized for a stylus instead of fingers irritates me. Ditto for their easy, all-in-one data access and my flaky/unreliable data access. The n800 is so close to being a great device and yet so, so far. :/ ]

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  1. None of the two. The touchscreen UI will be based on Symbian S60 4.0 platform, which is just the next major version over v3.1 that we got now for their smartphone line.

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  3. Rather happy apple forced others to copy the not-so new features. Even yawning became boring as I was looking at every-years “new” product lineup from the major cell phone players.

    “2.3 megapixel, instead of 2.27 megapixel! Now, with 1 megabyte more memory!” Thank god for Apples of the world for shaking the majors out that meager, imaginary upgrade cycles.

    However the dark side still runs strong with Nokias of the word. One example: the total-destruction-prone power sockets on laptops.
    Every one knows that’s almost #1 reason for actually replacing a laptop, yet only apple had the audacity to give up that gimmiky designed-obsolecence way of generating sales. I still don’t see HP and Sony to do the right thing and go for magnetic power connector.

    Same with Nokia… Somehow I only expect evolutionary from them, not revolutionary. Capitalist bastards. :)

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