deblois’s new CD out(ish)

My sister Deblois‘s new album ‘velveteen’ is out; just finished listening to it a second time and I like it quite a bit, though I think on the whole I might prefer Leviathan (her first album). We’ll see- it has plenty of time to grow on me :) I think cdbaby’s description of the first album still applies to the second: “Acoustic blues tinted folk with sultry honey vocals.”

She’ll also be playing in Atlanta tomorrow and this weekend– her shows are really stripped-down acoustic stuff, which I love, and lots of fun. (I have a couple of pictures from one show here.)

Velveteen CDs are already out of stock at cdbaby, but apparently you can buy the whole album as mp3, or listen to bits of them on the same link.

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  2. Note that her previous album Leviathan is on eMusic, for those who’d like an inexpensive introduction to her work in MP3 format. (Just search eMusic for “Deblois”.)

  3. […] My sister Deblois will be swinging through California through early November, including stops in Modesto, Fairfax, San Francisco, and (gulp) San Diego. full calendar here. Her shows tend to be low-key but fun little events; I highly recommend if you want an entertaining and enjoyable evening. And she’ll gush if you tell her I sent you ;) If you want to listen to her latest album (or, you know, ‘buy it’ :) I have a host of links about it here. […]

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