“the social graph” and open services

Obviously interviews have kept me unable to think about the open services stuff over the past several days, but I’m still keeping an eye on my feed reader as time allows. Came across “Brad’s thoughts on the social graph” today- some interesting discussion on the identity/network problem, and how to solve it. This doesn’t seem immediately relevant to the open services problem, but I do think that in order to meaningfully have the freedoms to leave and fork in an service-based world you will have to ‘take your friends with you’, and it looks like that is what Brad is working on. So… I will keep an eye on that :)

He also pointed at movemydata.org, which might be interesting for the open-desktop.org people to look at. (And their ‘it is a cause‘ page is pretty good on the explanation side.)

[ed. later: see also the large discussion Brad’s post has provoked.]