two summer arts encounters, before I forget

Am going through paper from the summer (trying to clean things out before the year starts) and found a small brochure from Stoney Lamar, who served me beer in Saluda, NC, at the highly recommended Purple Onion. Stoney seemed like a nice guy, and the handful of pieces he had pictures of looked really appealing to me. Unfortunately, (1) it turns out he has no website – at least none that I can find – so the best I can do to explain it/memorialize it is this google image search for “stoney lamar” and (2) turns out from that search that his stuff is expensive. I look forward to purchasing some of it… just not now :)

I also met Erin Jones and did buy one of her pieces- sadly, just a mug. No web site to give her link love, but she did have some nice pieces. If you’re ever puttering around Greenville, SC and need some pottery, look her up :)