oh great lazyweb- of video cards and portrait monitors, again

I think my question last time I asked about video cards was poorly phrased, because almost all the comments I got did not actually answer the question. And I was using two monitors at work1, and it is great, so I’m going to look at the problem again soon.

So let me restate the question:

Is there a video card which, with Free drivers, will drive OOo, evince, and firefox to two vertical (portrait) LCDs? If there are specific LCD features I need to look for, what are they?

Care about:

  • free drivers
  • two vertical monitors
  • text-y apps- primarily OOo, evince, and ffox
  • potential requirements for monitors (see below)

Don’t care at all about:

  • 3d shiny things
  • movies
  • games

Actively don’t want to hear about:

  • non-free drivers

I did get two almost coherent answers last time about the relationship between rotated (portrait) monitors and software drivers, implying that the rotation would make any free driver intolerably slow unless certain specific hardware conditions were met. Unfortunately, it was unclear to me (probably because modern X is like ancient Greek to me) what those specific conditions were, and whether or not I could satisfy them. If picking specific monitor hardware is important, details would be appreciated. :)

BTW, best useful feedback from the previous post was that the built-in stands on these Dells rotate. They look very appealing, though unfortunately the price has not dropped since I started following them in February.

  1. one personal laptop + one work laptop + x2x- nothing sexy []