barcamp wrapup

 This is BarCamp. (Organizers Fred and Wayne point at the schedule wall.)

  • More pictures here. I’m really glad I started doing portrait photos at GUADEC- I’ve really enjoyed getting people to smile with the camera. May need to start shooting in raw so I can tweak white balances.
  • another excellent reading list that came up during a communities talk: Paul Jones’ syllabus for his Virtual Communities class. If only I had time… :/
  • Finally met Dave Mason– was great to do, after years of hearing about him. And we had some interesting conversations.
  • Dave, Patrick Mueller, and a couple others assured me that my concerns yesterday were overblown; I think maybe I’m just a little too sensitive to the balance of corporate and community interests.
  • Before my talk, someone told the lintqueen that I was a very good speaker. This was flattering; however, evidently not that persuasive, as the lintqueen did not actually show up for my talk :)
  • for the first time, I saw other moo cards (including the aforementioned lintqueen’s). This was great, except that my post-conference habit for at least a year now has been to enter the relevant details in my addressbook the day after the conference and then throw out the cards. These cards are beautiful, though- much cooler pictures than on my own boring moo cards. So I’m having problems throwing them out. Good problem to have, I suppose ;) (Bonus: moo now allows you to upload directly instead of using flickr or another proprietary service. Go to it, Greg. You even have my permission to use this picture. :)
  • relatedly: I just realized that I really want tagging in my addressbook, so that I can (for example) tag everyone I met at barcamp with barcamprdu for easy recall later.
  • relatedly: Terrell Russell and I had a really interesting talk (him talking, me just poking questions at him) about his thesis work on tagging of individuals. Should be interesting to see what comes out of this.
  • viaTerrell’s blog (I really need to find a way to prune my blog list before going to conferences, knowing I’m going to find new blogs to read at the conference) this Udell post on ‘hosted lifebits‘. Compelling story, but who in their right mind is going to put that much power in the hands of an unregulated third party? We’re either going to get user freedom and more perfect competition or we’re going to get massive regulation. I know which I’d prefer. :)
  • I’m still having a hard time explaining what I’m doing with the Open Services stuff, at least in text form- at the moment I find it much easier to explain orally. Expect a screencast/slidedeck (probably s5 + istanbul + patch) before I leave NC (only a week away, for better and for worse.) See also more Tim-ness on open services with some interesting linkage. Much to ponder there.
  • big thanks to the various sponsors and organizers. I really enjoyed it- fun to see lots of interesting, passionate people get together to share, teach, and discuss.

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  2. I *wanted* too…. it’s just I’d already told someone else I’d do their talk…and there’s only one of me to go around!

    That being said, I think my persuasive endorsement talked at least one other person into going to your talk ;-)

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