in the ‘why free software is still not winning’ category

“Some may say iPhone [is the most advanced smartphone] but there is no more than great usability … on it.” —Avi

Ah, yes, no more than great usability. Apple will have to content themselves with the $100+ million they made that first weekend, because I’m sure that as soon as the world figures out iphone has only great usability the world will beat a path to a more fully featured competitor’s door.

[Later: Avi counters very well. I shouldn’t have called him out specifically; it was just that the quote screamed ‘usability is just useless shininess’ rather than ‘usability is a critical feature which I weighed against other critical features, and which was not enough to make up for the lack of those features.’ The first attitude is all too common (not just in open source, but proprietary software has other mechanisms in place to control the tendency which we don’t have yet) and drives me up the wall.]