a mistake I made today at BarCamp

I’ve mostly been enjoying my BarCamp experience today, but I made a big mistake on my Open Services talk: I spoke of my motivations (in an attempt to help frame the group discussion) but instead of talking about my larger motivations (which is that I want to help frame the entire web’s discussion about internet services) I spoke about my immediate motivation (which is to help GNOME and RH figure out what to do with the online desktop.)

I’m afraid that trivialized the discussion, and as one person put it, ‘you’re getting us to do your homework for you.’ That wasn’t at all my intention- these were the first folks I’ve talked to extensively in person about the issue, and as a result it was quite productive, but my hope was primarily to discuss the issues and spark others to think about it- not to mooch off them. I hope that wasn’t how it came across, but I fear that is what happened.

mood: more mixed than I would have liked at this point.