travel security silliness tidbit

Since the new silly regulations on airplanes and fluids went into effect, I’ve been on at least six flights (possibly 8 or 10, not sure) with my large timbuk2 bag. This bag is so large, and has so many pockets, that I apparently have been carrying around several rule-violating liquids (lip balm and nasal spray) without knowing it. Of course, TSA hasn’t noticed either- it was only on Friday, after I’ve done this at least 5 times and possibly up to 9, that any screener caught the two vials on the x-ray machine. Utterly absurd- either the liquids are actually a risk, in which case the TSA is criminally incompetent, or the liquids aren’t a risk, in which case millions of hours are being wasted annually dealing with them. (Note that at Atlanta, where I flew out of tonight, security does not mention the ‘little plastic baggie’ approach to dealing with the liquids, so I flew again with even more liquids/gels/etc. in my bag than I have in the past, and again, TSA didn’t notice.) Tempts me to buy a Kip Hawley Is An Idiot shirt for my next flight.