four quick notes on Havoc’s keynote

Four quick notes on Havoc’s GUADEC keynote:

  • I did the right thing by not going to GUADEC, but man, I wish I were at GUADEC.
  • Havoc (and others saying the same thing) are completely right that we must move towards deep web integration. I have no strong opinion on whether online-desktop is the right technological approach for that, but we have to start somewhere. Moving the battle to a development platform based on an open, widely-implemented standard (HTML/JS/etc.) maximizes our strengths and minimizes the strengths of our competitors.
  • Many web services are proprietary, but we can’t just twiddle our thumbs while the Apache/rails/django/etc. people work on this problem.  Like free software in the 80s, we must realize that our options are (1) work with proprietary (web services|kernels) or (2) become completely irrelevant while we wait for free (web services|kernels) to be built. I know which one I’d rather do. As a bonus, I don’t believe we’ll have to wait for good free services nearly as long as we had to wait for a good free kernel.
  • Hopefully I’ll get to do some interesting stuff with a Free Services Definition in the remaining weeks I have at Red Hat, now that GPL v3 work has mostly wrapped up. Am very excited about that.