quick thoughts on s5

So, in practice, s5 is almost but not quite the bomb. The dual screen thing worked incredibly well- I looked at the screen only once, and then only because I had to highlight some text on the screen. And the timer was nice. Unfortunately, putting the theme together was a PITA, and I had to do some grody hacks to make single-line slides work. If you are a hacker or otherwise don’t like OOo, and you or someone you know can make you up a stylesheet which does modern things (like lessig method or deeply image-centric slides instead of the bullet points s5 is optimized for) then I definitely recommend looking hard at it.

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  2. Is s5 still developed or maintained? Looking at the site there seems to not have been any activity for a year or so.

  3. Ah, I suspect you meant the popup notes window. Putting that on one screen and the presentation on the other is my problem; I did know about that. Darn; I was hoping there was something cool I didn’t know about, since F11 takes Firefox full-screen across both monitors for me (as it’s supposed to, I believe).

  4. Stuart: F11 only makes ffox fill one screen here- maybe that is some workspace v. desktop bullshit distinction? Either way, ffox + fullerscreen 0.98 (which I forgot to mention- can’t be fullerscreen > 0.98 because the author has his own, conflicting slide mechanism) + s5 slides in one window + s5 notes view in a popup rocked my world yesterday.

    Janne: yes, looks completely unmaintained, unfortunately. Perhaps a lovely reader of mine will take pity on it. :)

  5. I think Ryan King was maintaining a fork.

    Anyway, I’ve been spending the past few days fighting with my GUADEC presentation and have the feeling I’ll spend my flight to england in Firebug tweaking CSS :(

  6. Ryan made one release of the fork (the initial release) and then went AWOL, AFAICT from the project site (s5project.org.)

  7. turns out…I speak all lies. Firefox does indeed just fill one screen. Rawk out with your cawk out, ahaha. Hope it works for my talk at Guadec; it seems to in my testing here.

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