what a tease (X and OOo)

I was told Friday that my laptop, with recent-ish (Fedora 7) X could finally do sexy things like ‘plug in an external monitor and have it do more than clone the laptop’s monitor.’ The first thing that popped to mind when I heard that was ‘ooh, I could do slides on the VGA out while putting slide notes on the laptop monitor.’ If you’re trying to do low-word count slides, this is a really useful feature, since you always have the right set of comments at hand and on screen just in case you get lost/forget something without drowning your audience in the words. So that was exciting. (Those who saw the GUADEC keynote last year will know that I’m trying hard to do my talks in this style.)

Of course… it turns out OOo doesn’t actually support this yet. What a tease to find that out after 15-20 minutes of mucking with X (which would have been 2 minutes if I hadn’t typo’d xorg.conf.) Blah.

[Ed. later: as Jimmac points out in comments, the latest version of S5 supports this quite well. HFSNW. Now if only theming S5 slides was something mere mortals could do.]