Cambridge, MA tonight and tomorrow night

I’ll be in Cambridge, MA tonight (Thursday) at The Swan, starting at about 8:45-9:00 pm (assuming my flight is not delayed.) Don’t wait for an invite because there won’t be one :)2

I have no firm plans for tomorrow night (Friday), but hopefully I can figure them out sometime tomorrow morning; they’ll be a similarly public beering/eating, probably. Saturday probably more private dinner with some of Krissa’s friends.

5 thoughts on “Cambridge, MA tonight and tomorrow night”

  1. Dude, we had one of our 9pm software meetings tonight and when I got to the Swan around 10:20 it was closed. I think I am going camping tomorrow but I may not so please let me know where you will be hanging out.

  2. Doh. Will let you know. It had no AC, so we’re not going back there. Will definitely hit it for next summit when it is cool ;)

  3. Hey Luis, sorry I was yakking on the phone when you dropped by and didn’t get to say a proper hullo… well, yo!

    I’ll be in RDU next week btw. Red Hat High!

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