1 thought on “great licensing wisdom from J. Schwartz”

  1. I do read those. Haven’t read GPLv3 yet. It takes a full day to actually understand anything like that, and I will do it when the first major GPLv3 application emerges and I will have to decide whether to contribute or not.

    In my experience most of the people that even claim reading those actually did not understand them. Reading that sort of text is demanding (I have read law for my personal fun & amusement, haha) and I am thankful there are people who are willing to take some money to torture themselves instead of me having to read all that…

    The worst it gets when someone
    – Tries to apply common sense to law
    – Doesn’t bother to ponder the meaning of every word (they are not there for nothing!)

    … and the place where it usually gets the worst is ie.
    – Slashdot.org news submissions
    – digg.com submissions
    – IRC


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