post-GPL link dump

Several weeks worth of links, dumped:

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  1. Chitlesh GOORAH: do you use /sbin/* or /usr/sbin/* ?  – Jul 1, 2007 Thomas Vander Stichele: automake 1.10  – Jul 1, 2007 Luis Villa: post-GPL link dump  – Jul 1, 2007 Mike McGrath: The difference between Mom and Dad…  – Jul 1, 2007

  2. On the issue of the government-funded commons: If you look at the science enterprise, you’ll see a model for a robust and quite advanced government-funded commons. It’s not without its problems, but by and large the notion of funding for the production of basic science as a common good has a long and successful tradition in this country.

  3. Jamendo supports streaming and ratings, and they have a basic API. All of the music is CC of one variety or another.

  4. I wouldn’t listen to a radio station that was only one label; I’m not sure why that should have to change now :)

  5. […] I obviously was not ignoring the GPLv3 launch, but by not blogging about it, I was simply taking Dan’s advice to “just chill”. In the meantime, Luis Villa has posted a print-worthy analysis of what all the GPLv3 hype, changes, hoopla are about. He also offers his views and commentary which I found refreshing. I recommend reading Luis’ four part analysis starting with Part 1. After part 1, you will probably be hooked enough to take in Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Luis’ post-analysis Link Dump. […]

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