by the way…

… if anyone can find me a copyleft/gpl logo that looks like it was designed in the same decade as GPL 3, has some color, and doesn’t have ‘cc’ in it, I owe you a beer. The black and white (c) doesn’t cut it in 2007.

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  1. I don’t understand why you want a changed copyleft logo, in my opinion it is perfect in its simplicity. And it is already known and recognized around the world, a logo change is alway a very big step.

    Maybe a better approach to such a change would be: the current metaphor is not good enough (it is? it is not? I don’t know), we need a better metaphor, and maybe this new metaphor should be… (insert something)

    Anyway, even in the case of a new logo, I believe simplicity is the key, it does not have to abuse colors, gradients, shadows, lights or be unrecognizable at small sizes.

  2. I too agree that a minimalist, two-tone and simple logo with an obvious correspondence to the matter it pertains to is insufficient in this day and age (2007). Colour, flash, and dance are the order of the day, as kids around the world are too stupid to care about anything less. I propose Shakira’s hips!

    Yes, let us remove the emphasis from the concept to its presentation, as that is surely the key to success in any modern age ;)

  3. How about just changing the typeface of the C?
    There are some really nice fonts that could be used out there.

  4. Nicu: I just wanted something that would make the post slightly less of a gigantic volume of black and white. Visually it is sort of oppressive right now, don’t you think? (And I think I’ll use your first alternative for the rest of the posts, if that is OK.)

  5. Sure, fell free to use.
    BTW, if you want to tweak it or change the size, the source SVG is in the same place, just replace the extension .png -> .svg

  6. If (for the purposes of visualisation) you rotate the logo such that the c becomes an n, you can see the white part of the logo as the silhouetted head and shoulders of a person with their arms above their heads, hands clasped.

    Perhaps that human figure can be clarified as a person setting their art free of encumbrance?

    Perhaps the black C can become a dark sky-blue?

    The circle divided into a twin coloured band, the same sky-blue, with an outer black ring as the exclosure of copyright.

    And between the figure’s hands a white dove?

    At a glance, the familiar copyleft symbol, albeit with a strangely shaped C. On closer inspection, the ideogram is revealed.

    OR something like that? ;-)

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