rollercoaster day

Hands and feet inside the moving life

Good morning meeting with boss: good

not finish everything you wanted to before boss left for the weekend: bad

go to airport to go to New York to see girlfriend: good

have flight canceled: bad

get offered new flight, leaving earlier: good

get offered new flight, leaving earlier, the next day: bad (so yes, I’m in RDU for the weekend)

go back to the office, wrestle with the vpn, triumph over the vpn: good

get home, discover that you’ve got the right vpn setup but have forgotten your password: bad

check grades, discover that the class you were most panicked about gave you a miraculously good grade: good

So… sucks not to sleep in my own bed, but I’m thrilled with my grade. Hope the rest of my exams turn out nearly as well.

Image under CC BY-SA by tom.arthur.

3 thoughts on “rollercoaster day”

  1. hmmm. the first blog post i’ve seen that could actually convert easily into a twitter feed.

    today better?

  2. Hehe. Someone will drag me kicking and screaming into twitter eventually. :)

    And yes, it has been a good week since then (despite some more grade-related rollercoastering.) Actually made me get off my butt and explore Raleigh this weekend, so that was good.

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