interesting paper on the GPL, talk at trilug

For those interested in the question of whether or not the General Public License is a license or a contract, and how enforceable it is, I was pointed earlier today at this very nice little paper1 by Duke Law prof Sapna Kumar. Also gives a fairly good background on the license, what it does, and what it means. This might be good for my law school classmates who were mystified, but still curious, when we glossed over the GPL on the very last day of IP law last semester.

For those in the triangle, Prof. Kumar will be speaking tomorrow night at Trilug. Come see her explain the GPL v3, and see me bite my tongue and try not to monopolize the Q&A. ;)

[Ed. not tonight, next Thursday, the 14th. Doh!]

  1. well, little by law standards- 36 pages []