deep, deep breath

I’m exhausted. And I’ve only barely started. This is great… I’d almost forgotten what it is like to do something because you’re really interested in it, rather than running in fear :) [Edit: I realize that could be misconstrued to be a comparison to past jobs; it was supposed to be to the last year of law school, not any past jobs.]

A couple one-line observations as life flies by at high speed:

  • paraphrasing one of the other lawyers: ‘keeping your data locally may be like keeping your money in your mattress- makes you feel better, but possibly going to be obsoleted by banks real soon now.’
  • I’m very impressed with RH’s focus on culture so far- they seem to be deadly serious about being not just a company that sells open source but an open source company. I’m utterly sure that is far from perfect, but even the attempt is impressive to me.
  • It is embarassing that sending someone else an ics file doesn’t Just Work, still.
  • That said, I still have a lot of pride in saying that evo is My Product, and now that I’m using it again day-to-day… it holds up pretty well. The new maintainers have done some really nice work.
  • Hello planet fedora! Still not actually running fedora, but hopefully I’ll fix that next week- I’ve been pretty impressed by RHE5 on my work box, so I have to imagine that F7 should look good.
  • Red Hat really, really likes to get their interns heavily involved, and quickly. I wish I could talk more about what I’m doing- so far just about everything I’ve touched has been almost Shockingly Serious and Very Not For Public Consumption Yet. Incredibly awesome to be that involved, that quickly. This job is not going to be good for my workaholic habits.
  • NCSU housing is…. not so organized. But everyone I’ve screamed at has been very nice. :) And my final/permanent summer housing, while definitely a dorm, is pretty darn nice. And my roommate improved it a great deal by bringing a lot of stuff. :)

3 thoughts on “deep, deep breath”

  1. Somehow I think you are not the usual, average intern for them, which might have something to do with what they let you work on.

  2. I’m certainly not the average legal intern (sounds like their average legal intern has not previously heard about the GPL!) but that said it sounds like they do have a habit of letting interns do Very Serious Work, which is really quite cool.

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