oh lazyweb- problem copying files with : in them to n800

[Not so much lazyweb as rushed/paniced/damnI’mtryingtopackandstillhaveatleastalittlecelebrationtonightweb…]

I’m trying to copy a large number of oggs from my HD to two vfat-formatted SDHC cards in my N800, mounted over USB. (16G worth of files, to be exact.) As far as I can tell, copying files with : in them (e.g., about 10% of my ogg files) to the target drive causes cp and nautilus to choke. I’m guessing this is vfat’s fault, but the N800 doesn’t seem to like it when I format the cards as ext2.

So… anyone have any suggestions on how to either rename the files (lots of them) temporarily in such a way as to make them copiable, or otherwise work around vfat, or (maybe ideally) how to use a more modern fs altogether on sd cards that will be used only in the n800? Pointers ASAP much appreciated as I leave for NC on Sunday and would like to have my oggs on the n800 by then :)