private journaling tool?

Is there any decent local desktop journaling tool available for linux? I want to be able to, with a very minimal number of clicks, say ‘I just had this thought’, write it down, tag it, and easily find it later (say, at the end of a summer employment gig) so that I can review, edit, and perhaps turn it into something more concrete. (Idea being that I’ll journal my summer job both for personal growth and to help deliver useful information to the company about the experience after the fact.)

I’d do it in wordpress, but I’d like to ensure that it is private and don’t want to run wp + mysql on my local machine- a bit of overkill for what I really want, I think.

Tomboy plus the Note of the Day plugin (not packaged for Ubuntu?) plus the new tags plugin might do what I want, but I won’t be able to try it out until… well, not clear when, but ‘not now’. And will require playing with source, which I’m not so excited to do right now (though will be more so once I’m done with school.)

I’ll probably go with one of those two solutions (probably tomboy) but if anyone has other suggestions, I’m all ears.

[19 1/2 hours until I am done with my first year of law school. I am soooo psyched. And I actually think that, miraculously, I’m reasonably well prepared for my last exam…]