con law done, three to go

Given how miserably unprepared I was for this exam two weeks ago, I feel like the exam went almost miraculously well. A B+ is unlikely but (shockingly) isn’t inconceivable, so I feel pretty good. (For reference, a B+ doesn’t sound that great, but all B+s with one A- will get you the lowest level of honors, and apparently will at least get your foot in the door at even the most competitive NYC firms.)

Now Playing: Marley; ‘Small Axe’, after Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man, which somehow seemed very appropriate. (Last semester’s post-hardest-exam music was Ecstasy of Gold; perhaps tomorrow I’ll ponder the significant of the difference.)

Now Drinking: Paulaner Hefeweizen.

Forecast: 40% chance of spring photography as a mental break this afternoon; followed by 100% chance of desperate preparation for Principles of IP on Friday. (Sad that I am least prepared for my IP exam, of all things. :/

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