emanuel speech calls it like it is- “ask what your country can do for our party”

Please!I almost never blog about political issues, but I saw this this morning and was thrilled- a politician coming out and putting all the pieces together to demonstrate how thoroughly corrupt and incompetent the Bush administration has been. Lots of other people have done this, so it isn’t exactly new. But the Democrats were (for some reason, probably their own general incompetence) unable to put together the narrative in the last campaign, even though all the pieces were there.

I’m not terribly excited about the Democrats coming back to power- the last 6 years have made many in the party incredibly reactionary and swing further left than I’m comfortable with, and their incompetence at what should be a core skill (campaigning) does not bode well for their competence at government. And frankly, I’m sure they’ll repeat many of the patterns of the Republicans (even more pork and more money from lobbyists), having had a chance to learn from them for a dozen years.

But god… as unexcited as I am for a Democratic ascendancy, I can’t wait until more of the current crop of Republicans aren’t just out of office, but go to jail.

[Picture courtesy flickr user merfam under CC-BY.]