the class I’d really like to take.

For class today we had to listen to this recording of Moglen and Lessig at Wikimania last summer. Sigh. My IP class has generally been good, but man… I would love to take a class which consisted of ‘understand everything touched on in that lecture.’ You could squeeze in deep philosophy of copyright; the relationships between engineering and license-writing; sociology and mechanics of lawyering; anthropology and politics of copyright-based social movements; wiki-production; the long tail (specifically Benkler’s twist on it)… lots to deconstruct and to study. Class list for next year comes out in a couple weeks; hopefully Prof. Moglen will be teaching something like this :)

(And you get to hear Lessig make fun of Zittrain (the panel moderator) for being about 12 years old. What could be more fun/inside baseball!)

(Last day of classes… “only” exams to go, and then a week in North Carolina relaxing before work starts.)

[Ed. later: for ‘relaxing’ in that previous sentence, read ‘decompressing lest my brain explode.’]

4 thoughts on “the class I’d really like to take.”

  1. One thing I don’t get is the idea of paying for law school.

    Man, you’d have to pay me A LOT before I’d even consider stepping foot inside a law class ;-)

  2. Welcome, Hugh. I do love your stuff :)

    I think I tried to capture why I’m going to law school on my homepage: I have “a particular interest in helping innovators and creators do their thing without interference from lawyers.” In other words, most lawyers get in the way of brilliant creative folks; I want to help clear the way instead. I think this is ever more important as more people become creators and more people start to think about getting their stuff out there.

    In other words, wouldn’t you love to have a lawyer who had read Cluetrain and Hughtrain, and would make sure that you could do your thing appropriately, instead of making you fit your thing inside the old boxes?

    That is what I’m hoping to do, anyway… we’ll see :)

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