6 thoughts on “mental health break”

  1. sigh… It is finally warming up here in Canada but there are no buds of life in sight, well, except for the talk of bud all over since 4/20 just happened and apparently Canadians are less uptight about the green bud probably given there is no other buds in April to enjoy. It is just to cold for too long.

  2. I recommend moving to New York, then. Well, really, I recommend moving to North Carolina. Or Florida. But New York at least is an incremental improvement. :)

  3. Well, is it? I mean the weather sux but at least the social fabric is a lot warmer and saner than in the US, that is for sure. I will miss the saner governmental and welfare policies of Canada but the snow, ice, and chill won’t be missed. In about 40 years, though, when global warming hits most of the continent hard, Canada will be real paraside. Weather like North Carolina, lots of land, and again probably a lot less chaos. I recommend buying your plot in the Yukon sometimes soon :)))

  4. The thought has seriously crossed my mind, though I wonder how long the ‘saner’ part will last if the southern US becomes unlivable and 100M Americans start looking elsewhere.

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