turning off my mail/contacting me for the next month

Not following this advice.I’ve just unsubscribed or turned off mail delivery from a pile of mailing lists; virtually every high volume list I’m on. If you need information from me, do not expect to get it from a list- please mail me directly. I’ll continue to try to respond promptly, though I make no promises.

I don’t like to shut myself off from the world, but it has been a very rough semester for a variety of reasons, and so I’m in pretty full blown crisis mode in prep for exams.

I expect I’ll resubscribe to most of these (but not all) after exams.

[Note: searching for ‘exam’ on google images yields… unexpected results. Don’t try that at home, kids! :) flickr for ‘don’t panic’ works much better; image under BY-SA with thanks to dougward. Am trying to follow the enclosed advice with mixed results.]