two more links, literally about wandering this time

My old co-worker Ethan (who is blessing New York with his global presence next week) has written a piece about ‘the post-national’ people who are his friends. It includes some thinking about the implications of a growing post-national class- particularly one which is post-national not because they hate their countries, but because they love all the rest- xenophiliacs, in other words. No one has invited me to Davos yet, and I’m not lucky/cursed enough to travel as much as Ethan does, but in other ways I recognize myself in there, and I certainly recognize some friends in there. The internet has let us become globally-oriented creatures, and it is a wonderful thing.

Ethan’s friend’s term for the people most caught up in this- the ‘moving circus’- reminded me also of Charles Stross’s short story ‘Lobsters’, which later became the CC-NC-ND-licensed novel Accelerando. I’m not brilliant or creative enough to become Manfred (the title character of Lobsters), but Ethan might be- and if not, he’ll meet Manfred pretty early in his career

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