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Am puttering around the house a bit to clean up before my mom and step-dad get here for a weekend visit. Some thoughts from similar putterings around the ‘net:

  • This Matt Asay piece on relationships and sales in an open source context is great- really nails how a company and a customer should think about each other, and discusses the implications of that for compensating, managing, and promoting sales people.
  • I haven’t had time to do much GPL v3 thinking, unfortunately (though I’m still reading as much as I can on it). In the meantime, here is a bit of a meta-piece from Tim Lee explaining why libertarians shouldn’t be scared by the tactics of the GPL v3. It is a shame many of his commenters still seem to think that RMS is closer to Stalin or Hitler than the Amish. (The Amish thing will make sense if you read Tim’s piece, I swear :)
  • Applications for journals and reviews is coming up soon. The one I’m most interested in, Columbia’s Science and Technology Law Review, did another cool piece for engadget, this time on net neutrality. I’m excited at the possibility of joining a group that understands the important of reaching beyond academia, and hope I have something useful to contribute.

5 thoughts on “puttering around the ‘net”

  1. Ugh. No, no, no, no. The point of the analogy is that you can choose not to use free software; you can choose to be Amish. I suppose Americans can choose not to be Cuban, but Cubans can’t choose not to be subject to Fidel’s whims. You can be imprisoned for stating your mind, and you can’t leave. That is exactly the kind of thing that Tim is (rightfully) against, and which Tim’s critics (wrongly) impute to the GPL.

  2. Ok, ok, I was referring to the fantasy Cuba in which despite a lack of democracy, everyone’s human rights were respected and all Cubans were free to leave at any time.

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