this *was* a great day

Past tense:

  • first day of spring.
  • performed well in class when called on.
  • discovered yummy indian-ish food place.
  • discovered I can get school credit for work I’m already doing.
  • discovered I can avoid additional work, while still (hopefully) obtaining access to something I really want.
  • walked two miles down the river in shorts and sandals; took two miles worth of pictures.
  • people are happy.
  • babies are happy.
  • dogs are happy.
  • Luis was happy.

present tense:

Gallery has been a wonderful pal for a long time, but it is showing its age, so if anyone does have recommendations for a combination of local management software (ideally f-spot) and remote web display Free Software that work well together, please let me know- it may be time for me to put it down when all my URIs are broken anyway..