this *was* a great day

Past tense:

  • first day of spring.
  • performed well in class when called on.
  • discovered yummy indian-ish food place.
  • discovered I can get school credit for work I’m already doing.
  • discovered I can avoid additional work, while still (hopefully) obtaining access to something I really want.
  • walked two miles down the river in shorts and sandals; took two miles worth of pictures.
  • people are happy.
  • babies are happy.
  • dogs are happy.
  • Luis was happy.

present tense:

Gallery has been a wonderful pal for a long time, but it is showing its age, so if anyone does have recommendations for a combination of local management software (ideally f-spot) and remote web display Free Software that work well together, please let me know- it may be time for me to put it down when all my URIs are broken anyway..

9 thoughts on “this *was* a great day”

  1. Wow =( I completely sympathize! That royally sucks.

    Having looked for a Gallery replacement for sometime (especially one that integrates with some form of local management software), I’m sad to say that nothing has turned up. Most have some ‘option’ to integrate with Gallery or Coppermine, but the integration is tenuous at best. Everything else I’ve seen has been LMS which generates static “gallery” html pages — not exactly a wonderful solution.

    Additionally, Alleva must be out of his fracking mind to let Coach G even need to entertain offers at other places. There should be a blank check offer on the table to keep her. I know Duke has been lucky with coaching stability, but at least someone should recognize she is elite among coaches.

  2. I’m using Flickr for all my image needs as far as my blog is concerned. Initially I thought it was just another over-hyped web2.0 service, but when I started blogging and uploading images off my mobile phone, the overall service suddenly became a whole lote more appealing.

    I also use a seperate plugin for wordpress that allows me to insert flickr images straight into a blog post, . Overall, it isn’t perfect (In my eyes, anyway), I generally prefer to put my eggs in one basket and store everything on the same site, same server. I’ve used Gallery before and didn’t find it to my liking.

    My current setup using flickr isn’t exactly perfect either, but it is doing the trick for me quite nicely.

  3. remote web display Free Software
    I’ll bold ‘Free Software’ next time. People seemed to have missed it when I asked about video drivers too.

    Mark: yeah, that is about what I turned up too. There are lots of slick little rails apps that are all 0.0.1 and never got to 0.0.2, but nothing exactly robust. As far as G… I’m hearing from a couple places now that she is gone. Fire Alleva Now.

  4. Do you need dynamic stuff on the server? F-Spot publishes to two static gallery-type HTML things; its own output and jimmac’s Original. I’ve had in the pipeline for a while a way of publishing from F-Spot to a custom HTML gallery, but never got around to properly writing it, which would make that even better. Personally, I don’t like gallery web software that lets me manipulate the images on the web; that’s what f-spot is for.

  5. Ahh, you wanted Free Software. Mind you, I’m not a flickr subscriber, I don’t give them a single dollar of my own money. But no matter, I won’t split hairs over it, re-reading I see what it is you want.

    I’ll keep an eye out if you do find a good free software alternative. As I mentioned, I don’t find flickr entirely perfect, so I’m more than willing to jump ship aswell if theres a better option about.

  6. Software sucks, dude.

    Sigh. Yeah. I really want to live in the magic sugarplum fairy land where all the software is shiny and simple and powerful and robust and Free.

    Loic: very slick.
    Andy: very nice; I have this thought that I’m too tied to galleries to have that work for me, but maybe not.

  7. I’d also add “not written in php by an eleven year old with no understanding of security” to the requirements ;)

    Which is why I ended up writing my own blog software :)

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