JPG and 8020 publishing

IMG mag coverA month or so ago I happened to stumble across a mention of Derek Powazek, whose work in the late 90s at fray was the first time I had been exposed to the idea that the web could be not just interesting but beautiful– achingly, sometimes heartbreakingly beautiful. I googled a bit to see what he was up to.

The answer is JPG, a magazine of ‘brave new photography.’ I subscribed almost immediately. And then promptly forgot about it. (I’m a busy guy :) On my way back from dinner tonight, I checked my mail, and my first two copies had arrived.

Wow. Imagine nearly National Geographic-level photography, but without all the nagging ‘text’. Just stunning, stunning stuff. You can do nice things online, but especially for photography, paper can’t be beat, and JPG takes full advantage of this. This will likely stay on the coffee table and not get recycled.

It also has some short but useful howto photography articles. Even the advertisements are beautiful and relevant. (I’m sure that’ll get worse with time, but here is hoping.) In short, something I’ll be very excited to get every other month.

Subscriptions are not just reasonable, they are practically cheap (especially compared to the newstand price). If you’re at all interested in photography, I really recommend subscribing.

Interestingly, the magazine is the first project of 8020 publishing,  a company whose goal is to create communities which build web/print hybrid magazines. Seems like they’d be interesting people to work with if you wanted to do the next Make, or maybe the next Linux Journal.

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  1. I just subscribed… can’t wait to see it. I honestly never heard of it until your post here. I would like a photo magazine that had the stunning image, then on the next page describe how they took the image… that’s always the hard part ;-)

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