advice for future law students

Chicago poster, by way of wikipediaIf you enjoy musicals, and are planning on going to law school, do yourself a favor and don’t watch Chicago the same week you cover murder, wife-beating, and murder defenses in Criminal Law. Nothing like correcting lyrics in your head to spoil your enjoyment of a good musical.

For example, “It was a murder But not a crime!” is a great lyric, but not correct, since murder is by definition unlawful. “It was a killing But not a crime!” would be more correct. (But of course it probably doesn’t have the same ring to it.)

Yes, law school has made me even more of a pedantic bastard. My apologies. My only excuse is that it apparently does this to everyone- you’ll be incapable of taking Crim Law and watching Chicago without having the exact same thought. Therefore, my advice, learned the hard way last night. ;)