spring break (end vacation)

Sigh. Never long enough. High points/low points:

  • Love my half-siblings, so much that I woke up c. 7am on my vacation to drive them to school.
  • Love my step-siblings, so much that I watched two hours of American Idol with them. (Was actually fun. Not sure I’d ever become a regular, but I won’t avoid Idol-watching parties out of principle.) (One step-sister launched into a long rant on how broken voting for Idol is, which should give hope to my voting-oriented friends (Ben 1, Ben 2)).
  • Had several days of very productive reading of Constitutional Law. On my vacation. :/ But hey- very, very productive. So at least something good was salvaged.
  • Enjoyed being laptop-free.
  • Enjoyed being warm. Shorts. Sandals. Meals outside. Napped for an hour in a hammock strung between two palm trees, which is worth like a month of normal sleep.
  • My flight home got canceled. Had to spend another night in Miami. (Least exciting extra 24 hours ever spent in Miami, sadly. New haircut was the highlight.)
  • Missed Duke’s painful basketball loss while taking pictures of Chihuly in Fairchild Gardens. Was not completely thrilled with the results, but click to see them anyway ;)

3 thoughts on “spring break (end vacation)”

  1. Oh man, the palm tree thing is doing nothing to help with my homesickness. Also, the warmth. Please tell me you went swimming in the ocean too? (I moved to California from Florida recently and I miss it like crazy!)

  2. Sorry, Erinn- no swimming this trip. I usually do when I’m home, but because the family was either working or sick during the week, I never made it to the beach or out on the boat- no company to do it with.

    If you want to be really homesick, these dolphins from my christmas visit might do it.

    Where are you in CA, anyway?

  3. Dolphins! Bummer about the lack of swimming though…

    I’m in the bay area — currently Mountain View, but relocating up to SF next month. If you’re ever out here you should let me know. We can reminisce about uh… hurricanes and La Carreta.

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