spring break (end vacation)

Sigh. Never long enough. High points/low points:

  • Love my half-siblings, so much that I woke up c. 7am on my vacation to drive them to school.
  • Love my step-siblings, so much that I watched two hours of American Idol with them. (Was actually fun. Not sure I’d ever become a regular, but I won’t avoid Idol-watching parties out of principle.) (One step-sister launched into a long rant on how broken voting for Idol is, which should give hope to my voting-oriented friends (Ben 1, Ben 2)).
  • Had several days of very productive reading of Constitutional Law. On my vacation. :/ But hey- very, very productive. So at least something good was salvaged.
  • Enjoyed being laptop-free.
  • Enjoyed being warm. Shorts. Sandals. Meals outside. Napped for an hour in a hammock strung between two palm trees, which is worth like a month of normal sleep.
  • My flight home got canceled. Had to spend another night in Miami. (Least exciting extra 24 hours ever spent in Miami, sadly. New haircut was the highlight.)
  • Missed Duke’s painful basketball loss while taking pictures of Chihuly in Fairchild Gardens. Was not completely thrilled with the results, but click to see them anyway ;)