quick notes on using the N800 for a week

I left my laptop at home this week when I went on spring break, and used good old fashioned pen and paper for reading Con Law, and the N800 for everything else. Before I forget, a few notes:

  • if I could figure out how to get ogg support on this thing, I’d buy very large memory cards tomorrow. But so far the only docs I can find explaining ogg support are long and painful. With the very few mp3s I have (mostly from podcasts) this is a fairly capable replacement for my much-missed Rio.
  • text entry continues to be a major pain.
  • opera chokes to death on my planets. The new minimo build, unfortunately, is not much better (though otherwise quite nice.)
  • I need to see if I can use the N800 to grab/review photos- that was the one thing I really, really missed having the laptop for. (pictures soon.)
  • Otherwise, was quite useful for occasionally skimming my email and checking up on various little things- a very nice vacation tool.

5 thoughts on “quick notes on using the N800 for a week”

  1. Re: ogg support

    Me and few buddies are working on a lightweight no-bullshit music player which incidentally runs on N800 too, and have made some packaging to push ogg support easily on the device:


    Now, the project is still a bit raw (specially the UI), but at least you can listen to your music via UPNP if you want ;)

  2. I guess the text input will keep sucking until the Moore’s law catches on. It will take some real power (hard for portable device) to get a real speech recognition system working, one that understands natural speech without making much mistakes… Until that day, I won’t get me N800. :-)

  3. Eric: Speech sucks. I can’t talk in class. Hell, I can’t talk most of the time that I’m using a portable device. (That said, I would kill to have it for my media PC.) I had decent graffiti/gesture input on my first palm, and that was a long time ago. That is all I’m asking for on the nokia.

    Kalle: I’ll check it out. Thanks!

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