my exciting spring break (a vacation message)

Next week is spring break, which is why I had time to cook and shop yesterday. I’ll be going to Miami, so I’ll be warm, but the theme for the week will be Con Law. Con Law. Also, more con law. Exciting, no?

I plan to do the work on paper, and for the first time in ages, leave the laptop at home. So I may be hard to reach. I’ll have my phone, and my N800, but with luck I’ll be ignoring them. See everyone next week.

5 thoughts on “my exciting spring break (a vacation message)”

  1. It was nice chatting with you today. Enjoy your time at home this week. Hopefully you will find time for more than constitutional law. See you soon in NYC.

  2. Mark: I love it even more now that I’ve spent 7 hours each of my vacation days studying it. But hey, I understand the role of the 10th amendment in federalism!

    Ties: the tropical paradise is Fairchild Tropical Garden.

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