gmplayer blows, and a not-so-lazyweb request re: wireless keyboards

For the record, gmplayer is a gigantic pile of shit. Like something from GNOME 0.1. None of this fancy ‘keyboard navigability’ (even once I found the keyboard docs on the web, most of them didn’t work, I’m sure I wasn’t in some mode or something) or ‘just working’ (failed to figure out a working video driver, or notice that I had a DVD in the drive) or ‘settings that remember themselves’ (select the video driver, crash 45 minutes later, oops, have to select the video driver again) or ‘stability’ (aforementioned crash). Of course, it actually plays the subtitles on the movie Krissa rented last night, which is more than I can say for totem, and the audio, which is more than I can say for my good old-fashioned HW DVD player. ARGGGH.

(No, I’m not quite ready to give up on DVDs altogether. I know I suck.)

At one point, generally frustrated, I chucked my wireless keyboard across the room. So… anyone have recommendations for a small wireless keyboard/integrated mouse combo? Not the gigantic MS wireless keyboards.  Something basically similar to this, except mechanically reliable, or this but with a nipple/trackpad. I have a nagging feeling it doesn’t exist, unfortunately, but I’d love to be wrong