misc. post-weekend bits

  • Diebold is considering selling their voting machine unit. RH, this is your chance.
  • Actually used a Wii for the first time this weekend. What fun. This is real thinking outside the box. (I’ve never owned a game machine, and never previously been particularly tempted. But I am now, esp. since I didn’t buy myself anything for my birthday last week. :)
  • Saw the first iPhone ad (unfree media, but at least unfree with an official player on Linux) on TV yesterday. Hope that Nokia will take the hint from Apple and put a cell chip in the N800’s successor- this is a market that Nokia should have owned a year ago, had they been willing to think a bit more outside their own boxes. I’m still glad they are doing all they are doing, and it is a unique and interesting little box, but it is frustrating to see that all the pieces are in place- except one- for the iPhone to have been a year earlier, and Free.
  • Hopefully I’ll score an openmoko at the end of the month so I can replace the one proprietary component in my personal digital stack, even if it does look to be clearly suboptimal to an N800 with a cell chip. Openmoko folks, if you see this, you really, really need some free QA experts testing and helping you refine this thing :)
  • Three bits of awesome news for GNOME distribution and testing- rpath-based images, a buildbot with integrated testing, and wider distribution of unstable builds.
  • I miss Miami.
  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that wordpress upgrades mar an otherwise excellent experience. Comments indicate fixes may be in the pipeline, yay.
  • Interesting post on property rights and how they explode over at the Volokh Conspiracy. Look forward to the rest of the posts in the series, though I wish the citations provided links, or at least enough information to be googleable. (I’d link to SSRN, but SSRN is considered harmful.)
  • Speaking of citations, am about to launch into a pile of bluebooking. Expect fun, law-school/data-organization related ranting to follow!