oh snowy afternoon

I have been waiting to catch St. John in the snow for a while, and got my chance today. Sadly, it is not as photogenic as I’d imagined, so I’ll spare everyone the grey building with grey sky interrupted only by white flakes. Instead, some city color with a touch of snow, from a jaunt in the village two weekends ago:

2 thoughts on “oh snowy afternoon”

  1. St. John is my favorite cathedral. I used to live down the street, and even when I worked downtown, I once took a mental health day to go watch the peacocks in the Childrens Sculpture Garden. I love that they had a Bill Viola triptych as part of their occasional art exhibitions. If you do get a good snow this weekend, try another photo…

  2. I will try. The peacocks are wonderful- they were out for one warm day last week, and then disappeared again.

    I’ll try to post a gallery of St. John pictures soon- I have a bunch of them, but most of them aren’t up yet.

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