quickie tech links

Law links these days invite the writing of essays, not sentences, so there are fewer of them :)

  • Sr. O’Grady (who it was a pleasure to finally meet last week) has a long post on why the Solaris default shell is silly. It is a good post, and worth reading if for nothing other than his anecdote about who is having problems with the shell. I would summarize it in two sentences: Mom told me that first impressions are important. Did the Solaris people not listen to their moms? (This of course holds true for legal writing too…)
  • Librarything has an awesome post on when tags work and don’t work.
  • Someone has proposed and bountied a free replacement for .mac. Interesting to keep an eye on- given the requirement that it be free beer, I hope it will also be gpl-free and that it can be integrated with Linux clients as well.
  • RecordMyDesktop looks pretty sweet. First person to replace the 2.18 release notes with a good screencast gets a cookie. :) (Thanks for the pointer, Ted.)
  • The new WordPress seems to have finally fixed my whitespace problems, and when I did that upgrade, I did lots of other little plugin upgrades, and as a result lots of little things seem to work better now. $DEITY be praised. Now if only gallery (or something similar) were so easy to set up, upgrade, and use- I’d kill for a self-hosted image tool as easy and yet as extensible as WordPress.