James Grimmelmann speaks at CLS. And I miss it. Yargh.

Yargh. For the second time this semester, an excellent, young, FLOSS/CC-involved coder-legal dude is coming to speak at an area law school, and for the second time, I have a conflict I can’t resolve and can’t go. This time it is James Grimmelmann, newly named an associate prof at NYLS, who will participate in a panel at CLS on a very interesting topic- business and legal issues in online games. I’d love to peak in and meet James in the flesh, but no such luck today.

(NB: as usual, for those interested in techlaw occurences in NYC, I have posted this to the InfoLaw NYC calendar. Unfortunately, it wasn’t announced to the general student body here today, so not much warning for those looking at the calendar, either.)

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