another dream job I’m just a little too late for ;)

One of the things that makes me think I did the right thing going to law school is that every so often incredible jobs in very cool law offices open up. I’ve snagged an internship in one of those places, of course, but there are others. The latest such dream opening is at Creative Commons, where their general counsel, Mia Garlick, is apparently moving on to greener fields. (No idea what those are or could be… :) From the one conversation we’ve had (right before this picture was taken) and some lurking of mine on the cc-license mailing list, Mia seems like a very sharp cookie- I wish her luck wherever she goes next. I hear that there were over 100 applications for EFF’s last legal opening, and I’m sure this one will be similarly contested. Good luck to whoever gets it next…

[update: Lessig says Mia has been swallowed by Google.]

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