two tools for getting my head back above water

I’ve been swamped this month with a couple very long, very intense, very un-fun writing projects. I’m very happy to finally be at a good point with the writing, to be semi-caught up in classes (at least, I’m now attending them and preparing beforehand), and have (finally) no critical unread/unresponded to email. (If you think your email to me was critical, and I haven’t responded, resend it.)

Two tools have helped me out a lot with this in the past couple weeks: Kiwi Cloak (a greasemonkey script which screams at you about over-browsing) and Page Addict (which tracks your overall web usage, so that you can more easily see how much time you’re spending and/or wasting.) I can’t recommend them too much to anyone who thinks that they are maybe spending too much time online- they’ve really helped me focus, refine, and cut down on my web use over the past two weeks. Still too much, probably, but for the first time in a long time I’m headed in the right direction there.

[This means I’m now using firefox and not epiphany. It saddens me on a lot of levels, so I’ll try to write more about that soon, but in a nutshell: platform, platform, platform. I’m willing to have an inferior user experience in the core browsing functionality in order to have other functionality via a thriving plugin infrastructure.]

4 thoughts on “two tools for getting my head back above water”

  1. I think that accurately describes why many people still use Windows.

    I can’t blame them. I’ve tried Epiphany several times and have come running back in tears to Firefox.

  2. Reinout: at least in 2.16.1, the epiphany greasemonkey extension doesn’t allow you to actually configure/modify plugins- just install/use them as per the default. (I think there is a text file I can edit to do this, but… still- suboptimal, especially since I edit the list of sites I block on almost an hourly basis at this point.)

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