After working on a brief until very late last night, my brain was burnt from reading long documents on a small, horizontally oriented screen, and flipping back and forth between what I was reading and what I was writing.

It marks me as a serious geek that the obvious solution is to get one of these:

Question for the Linux video geeks out there (yes, probably this means you, Keith ;): are there video cards with Free drivers that will drive something like this? It isn’t anything fancy, just dual VGA or DVI outputs. I could care less about 3D fanciness; this is about displaying gobs and gobs of text.

(Not that money will miraculously fall from the sky to pay for this particular monitor or anything, but there are cheaper variations on the theme, and since I will be living reasonably cheaply in North Carolina over the summer maybe I’ll be able to take a look at this in the fall.)