totally forgot- gigantic thanks (and two links on post-law school hiring)

When I posted about my summer internship, I forgot to call out the one person most responsible for it happening- Chris Blizzard. Chris started talking RH up at GUADEC, saying ‘I have no idea if we have internships for lawyers, but if we do, you should come work for us.’ And he kept pushing it, and I kept listening, and he kept poking around inside RH. Many moons and some emails later, it turned out that RH did have legal internships, and voila- now I’ve got one. (In case you can’t tell, I’m still totally psyched. :) So thanks to everyone who congratulated me, but particularly thanks to Chris for really being the catalyst that made this happen. You rock, dude, even if you are Typhoid Mary.

Relatedly, Sun’s General Counsel has had a very interesting blog for several months, and he wrote yesterday about their legal internship program. He’s got brief but interesting things to say about how what he sees happening in the legal job market, in terms of experience, skills, etc. Worth the minute or two of your time if you’re interested in the career side of law. Matt Asay also wrote a good post recently, focusing on how terrible the law firm experience is. Everyone should read this- learn something about whether ‘thank you’ or $160K/year is more important, even for the stereotypical soulless lawyer :)

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