pledge-drive bounty system example for nvidia drivers

I’ve written in the past about use of online pledge systems to fund bounty-style payoffs for developers, so I thought I’d note that the nouveau project appears to be doing something similar. So far over halfway to the pledge drive goal with a month remaining- which is very interesting. I have pledged (free drivers are ultra-critical to our long-term health), though I wish they’d been much more explicit about what/who the money will go to (and I might not pay up on the pledge until they are at least a little more clear on that.)

6 thoughts on “pledge-drive bounty system example for nvidia drivers”

  1. The nouveau project is not running that pledge. David Nielsen started it, but he has nothing to do with the project, and nouveau afaict aren’t terribly happy about it since there’s no one to take the money if it succeeds, and since what they need most is not money but time and people.

  2. Way to go spreading FUD! This blog is an actual feed on I hope owner of this blog, post another entry correcting his statement to inform the misinform visitors.

  3. Thank you for mentioning the pledge Luis, I would encourage reading my blog post to explain the reasoning behind this pledge drive.

    The buttomline, this is not so much about a specific driver, this is about seeing if people are willing to pay for the benefits of freedom. A driver for the nvidia card merely presented an obvious target. I honestly meant no harm to the nouveau developers and I have contacted them to apologize, naturally they are entirely welcome to turn down the money should we make the target.

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