Dumbness of Crowds and GNOME 3.0

I wrote last year:

I’m more and more convinced that we’re not going to get to 3.0 as an organization- we’re too afraid to fail (for reasonable reasons), we have too few resources, we are too enamored with planning,etc., etc.- I’m now fairly convinced that 3.0 is most likely to happen when someone goes out, experiments, probably fails, but get people interested in their experiment (and maybe their failure) and gets momentum about finishing the experiment and turning it into reality. That experimentation will light a fire under GNOME’s ass and encourage new blood as well.

Kathy Sierra writes (draws) today:

It is Kathy, so of course, read the whole thing.

Note that the structure of the law (really, most the structure of most institutions) makes this very difficult. It is perhaps easier* for software developers to do this kind of individual, world-impacting innovation than in any other field, so go out there and take advantage of it- stop talking about GNOME 3.0, start prototyping the ideas that will be GNOME 3.0, and people will follow.
* subject to the need for servers if you’re doing web dev.