things I did yesterday

  • worked for around 14 straight hours on a take home exam
  • was mostly completely flummoxed by said take home exam
  • mostly finished said take home exam

So I’m going to do another pass of editing and (maybe) research between now and 10am, but otherwise… I think I’m just about done with my first semester. Whoop. ‘Things I learned’ will get pumped out after I recover. :)

[Edit: things I did later this morning: pounded out my last brilliant insight about Erie as the sun rose over my shoulder and The Ecstasy of Gold [warning: YouTube] poured out of the stereo. Given the circumstances, can’t get much better than that.]

[Edit: fixed link.]

8 thoughts on “things I did yesterday”

  1. The best I could come up with is that Federal Common Law is a lot like a particularly twisted version of Schrodinger’s cat- we don’t really know whether it is alive or dead until the Supreme Court opens the box and makes another observation.

  2. Congrats on finishing up the first semester! I’m looking forward to hearing a few more impressions, although the Morricone piece just about says it all :)

  3. I think not that morning, but it has often in the past. In fact, I think I’ll put on that Call of Ktulu right now.

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